It is rather impossible to list all the wholesale pharmaceutical products available to us. This is because we are essentially a pharmaceutical sourcing company and when you send us your enquiries we look for those products from global suppliers with different prices and different language packs. You must therefore initially inform us of the particulars of each product you are after, such as whether the packs can be from EU with non-English language packs like Turkish, German, Italian language packs, or if they must be UK packs only. Also note that you must produce a VALID WHOLESALE DEALER'S LICENCE before making a purchase. This is necessary and without it you will not even receive a quote. Bear in mind that by law we are only allowed to source for and supply to pharmacies, licensed wholesalers and distributors and not individuals and patients. 


Presently, we have access to the below products shown in the table as well as the ones in the slideshow below since our suppliers have informed us of their availability. You can contact us regarding these and we will give you the information you require, such as price, quantities available, shipping and delivery, lead time and packaging. For all other enquiries, send us your requests using our contact details.

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