Balancing the demands of today’s hectic lifestyle is not always easy and therefore maintaining a well balanced nutritional regime can be difficult. Magnesium can help reduce tiredness and fatigue

There is evidence too that vitamin B6 can help. As well as helping maintain well being, these nutrients work with other selected vitamins and minerals.

What can you do to help yourself?

Exercise – Undertaking any form of exercise, e.g. walking or swimming, two or three times a week, can help to keep you healthy and make you feel good.

Relaxation – Learning to relax may help. Whether it’s a long bath, meditation or music, try different methods of relaxation until you find one that suits you.

Diet – Evidence suggests that good nutrition can help you meet the demands of a hectic lifestyle. Make sure that your diet is well balanced with plenty of fresh foods, especially fruit and vegetables and reasonable amounts of low fat protein and complex carbohydrate foods. Good sources include poultry, oily and white fish, wholemeal bread, brown rice and other wholegrains. Cut down on sugary or salty foods, packaged convenience foods, fried food, fatty meat, foods with a high saturated fat content, caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks. Regularly drink water throughout the day and replace stimulants such as tea and coffee with herbal teas and coffee alternatives (dandelion root or grain based drinks).

Do not skip meals. Even if you are not keen on breakfast, be sure to eat at least some toast, preferably made with wholemeal bread. You could vary this during the week by eating a healthy breakfast cereal, yoghurt with fruit or an occasional boiled egg. These are just a few suggestions for a healthy start to the day but there are many more to be explored.

Wassen Magnesium-OK (90 Tablets)

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  • With folic acid + Vitamin D. Magnesium, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin D, zinc, and ten other nutrients. Vitamins and minerals especially for women during the monthly cycle. One-A-Day. Food Supplement. Magnesium-OK is a unique one-a-day nutritional supplement especially for women. It contains a balanced combination of seven important minerals and eight vitamins to help maintain hormonal balance throughout the monthly cycle. An adequate supply of magnesium, vitamin B6 and zinc in combination with the other nutrients contained in Magnesium-OK help to provide the body with a balance of nutrients required during the monthly cycle. 

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