Food supplement with selenium and vitamins

Organic-form selenium from selenium yeast is up to 2 times better absorbed by the body compared to inorganic selenium.

Selenium and vitamins A,C and D are essential nutrients needed by the body to help maintain a normal immune system.

Taking Selenium-ACE+D one-a-day tablets as part of a healthy lifestyle helps ensure dietary intake of these important nutrients which needed by the body for general well-being.

Selenomethionine is the major component of selenium yeast. It is the natural source found in most foods. Yeast converts inorganic selenium mainly into selenomethionine using the same pathway as foods such as cereals. Inorganic forms of selenium are not natural substances in any food. The selenium that we consume from food sources is mainly the organic form.

A large number of successful human studies have been conducted using supplemental selenium yeast or higher levels of selenium intake from the diet. Long-term studies have also shown this form of selenium to be safe within the parameters of upper intake levels.

Who would take Selenium-ACE + D?

Every adult in the UK in view of the fact that selenium soil levels in most parts of this country are low.

In particular:

Those who wish to maintain a normal immune system.

Older people, especially those who wish to maintain normal joints.

Wassen Selenium ACE (90 Tablets)

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  • Nutritional Information

    Typical values 1 tablet provides
    Vitamin A (as retinol) 300µg RE
    Vitamin A (from beta-carotene) 150µg RE
    Vitamin D 7.5µg
    Vitamin E (natural source) 30mg a-TE
    Vitamin C 90mg
    Selenium (from selenium yeast) 100µg

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